A new book with Susan's Mystic Poetry!

Susan shares her mystic poetry in a new book by Claudia Watts Edge - We Touched Heaven with a forward by Dr. Raymond Moody.

Art by Julobie Lattimer

Wisdom of the Ages

Art by Julovie Lattimer

Shared by Susan May 21, 2021

I was told once by a Tree (yes, really),

that the Spirit of the plant lives in the sap;

medicine is in the bark;

power is in the leaves;

connectivity is in the roots;

and love is in the fruits.

I was told to use the parts of a plant in

this way to facilitate what I want to achieve.

The teaching then continued to unfold

months later, where I was told the same

is true for a human.

The spirit is in the blood;

medicine is in the skin,

(including the skin of each organ,

anywhere information is exchanged

with its environment);

power is in our hair and nails; connectivity is in our root,

our pelvic bowl and feet;

love is in our words & our fruits, our creativity,

our children, our song, our expression.