Susan Redwine

Empath, Chef, Artist, Writer, Lover of Souls

After Susan Redwine's NDE she brought back the gift and ability to read the Akashic Field. Now she offers Sacred Healing Sessions.

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About Susan Redwine

Susan is an Empath, Chef, Artist, and Lover of Souls. When she returned from her Near Death Experience (NDE), she wanted to run up and down the road with a megaphone 📣, telling anyone and everyone… There IS No Death!! There IS Nothing to Fear!! We are ALL connected to, surrounded, supported & guided by our loved ones throughout the ages and times.


Allow, Accept & Surrender.

There Are NO Mistakes or accidents!!

The Universal Consciousness is WAY too intelligent for that.

Her Experience

In her own words...

After surviving 17 years of a traumatic, chaotic & dysfunctional family life, I set out in the world, believing I was able to walk away from the past & the pain, leaving it all behind me.

I became highly successful in my career in the restaurant industry, at the same time I was a single mother, who was raising three children.

I was surviving until the day that I "hit a wall" and the past came crashing back into my life, begging to be heard & acknowledged.

The trauma & pain I had suppressed from the years with my family, was coming up & the denial was sending me down the rabbit hole into a never ending & spiraling abyss of darkness.

After two and a ½ years of going through a "dark night of the soul" with no relief, being alive, yet dead to the world, I made a choice to quit.

I was done, finished and had nothing left to give anyone or anything, least of all, myself. I couldn't breathe and had zero interest in living.

I did not want to leave my children with the legacy of anger, that I had endured.

As soon as I made the choice to leave, a great peace came over me.

I was finished with trying to survive and could breathe again.

I took my children on a vacation to the Smokey Mountains, to ease our lives, spend uninterrupted time together making memories and to clear my heart and head.

As I began writing love letters to my children, my body hit the floor and my soul soared, taking me out of this world and my soul into the spirit world.

I began experiencing what many would call a "Divine Intervention", or Near Death Experience (NDE).

I was returning to what many call Heaven, Nirvana, Paradise.

But I now know as Home.

After my amazing, brilliant & joyous reunion with the Divine, I returned with knowledge of who I Authentically Am, Holy & Wholly.

Which changed my life forevermore.

I came back with messages and gifts that after many years of Healing & Integration, I Am now able to share with others.

The Akashic Field

What Susan learned during her NDE

During My NDE,

I visited the Akashic Field

sometimes called

"The Hall of Akashic Records"

The Library that contains

Living Books of All Lives Created,

throughout Time and Eternity.

The Divine "Books" of You and Me.

In Doing So, I Brought back the

Gift and Ability to "Read" others Stories.

To Intuitively See Others Reasons for

Embodiment in Human form.

To See Others Highest Potentialities,

To See where One's life Force or

Energy is "Stuck" or repeating.

The Lessons One has come this

Time around to experience, expand, rise & change.

Many times I Am merely Validating.


By Engaging in a Conversation by video

or telephone, We connect Electronically

and the Messages start Flowing..

I Am a "Full Blown" Empath,

and Am Able to "Hear"

Ones Higher Self Guidance.

Sometimes I Am given messages from loved ones

that are on the "Other" Side.

I Am Open to Receiving

whichever "Way" Comes through to Me

for You.

I Am merely the conduit and vessel

for the Higher You, that remains in the Spirit World,

to speak with You, the Facet or part Embodied.

I Am able to Open the Door, so to speak,

of the Change that you seek.

& work with Your Energy.

However, it will Be Up to You,

how you will

Choose to Walk through It.

Upon making an appointment,

You are giving Me Permission to "access"

Your records and guides.

I work with only One person per day,

As Spirit and Guides will Show Up and

begin Communicating with Me in the morning.

There is no time Limit on our sessions.

However, it is a Soul Work Out,

And You will be learning many things

in the time period we will spend together,

for you to Reflect back on , and it is important to

have uninterrupted time and bring a pen and notebook.

As what You learn about your life and self

will be Ongoing.

The Sessions are very Free Flowing & according each persons

Unique Soul and Spirit.

I have had the Honor and Privilege of

Working with many Amazing Souls & People

Around the World!

There are Truly Are No Words to Express the Great Joy that

It Brings Me, Using My Gift & Abilities!

The Honor & Privilege to be a part of Others

Paths and Journeys.

If You are Interested,

In more information,

please contact Me

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